Renaissance Normcore forthcoming from Nighwood Editions, fall 2019

If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You, winner of the 2017 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. October 1, 2016 from Nightwood Editions.

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“We All Want Marshmallows” in Cascadia Magazine (forthcoming)

“Open Relationship with the Moon”, “Open Relationship with the Ocean” & “Borderlines” in Room Magazine 41.3 (The Queer Issue)

“Rainbow Rock-Climbing Club” in Heavy Feather Review (Summer 2018)

“How Do You Respond To Conflict” & “Burn It All Down With Water” in ALPHA (Winter 2018).

“Bridgeland” in The Big Smoke (May 2017).

“No More Potlucks,” “You Don’t Have To Choose But You Do,” “Better” in Fog Machine with an introduction by Gillian Sze (Winter 2017).

“I Open the Dryer and a Robin Sails Out” winner of 2016 Reader’s Choice Award for Poetry in The Walrus Magazine. Poem published in The Walrus (January/February 2017).

“When General Anxiety Feels Very Specific,” “Dear Sara VI,” “Vigil,” “Gin Is all the Colours Because It’s Clear” winner of the 2016 Lit Pop Award for Poetry selected by Brenda Shaughnessy. Poems published in Matrix Magazine (Fall 2016).

“Everything in Moderation Especially Spring” in SAD Mag with illustration from Tara Williamson (October 2016).

“Sour Beer for Bitter Hearts” at Plenitude (July 2016)

“Suburban Sonnet” at NewPoetry (2016)

“Dear Sara I” and “Sea Hag” in The Fiddlehead (Spring 2016)

“Chou Chou” in The Maynard (Spring 2016)

“Cardinal Versus Mutable” in the inaugural Minola Review (2016)

“When Does The Hunger Begin?”, “Sweat, Woman”, “Grammar By The Minute”, “Dear Sara II”, “Dear Sara IV”, “Somnambulist Almanac” in PRISM international 54.3 (Spring 2016)

“Emily of New Moon” in The Puritan  31 (Fall 2015)

“American Spirit” featured poem at Matrix Magazine (2015)

“Crayfish” in Poetry Is Dead 11: Youth Culture (2015). Print.

“Our Lady of Perpetual Landscape” & “Take photos of cherry blossoms until the memory of winter recedes” in Baldhip 4 (2015)

“Aubade I” & “Corridors”in echolocation & QWERTY chapbook Doubles (2015). Print.

“Lucky Day” & “Aubade IV” in Cosmonauts Avenue 1.4 (2015)

“What transpires in the night before/after the night” in Print-Oriented Bastards 5 (2015)

“The Flowers of St. Francis” in The Pinch 35.1 (2015). Print.

“Counting Fish” with Stuart Ross in Our Days in Vaudeville  (Mansfield Press, 2013)

“Materials” in Branch Magazine 7 (2011)

5 poems in Lake Effect III (Artful Codger Press, 2007) edited by
Carolyn Smart


“More Than Cheese” for SAD Mag‘s Cheese issue, featuring illustrations by Aimee Young, May 2017.

“From Impressionism to Punk” for The Media Res, essay on two fashion-as-art-history exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, June 2013


Review of Double Teenage by Joni Murphy for The Rusty Toque, March 2016

Review of The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson for Plenitude, November 2015

Review of Pauls by Jess Taylor for The Rusty Toque, November 2015

Review of Anthems and Minstrel Shows: The Life and Times of Calixa Lavallée, 1842-1891 by Brian Christopher Thompson for the Literary Review of Canada, July/August 2015

Review of Femme by Mette Bach for Plenitude, August 2015

Review of SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki for The Rusty Toque, June 2015

“Divas! The voices of Femme City Choir” for VANDOCUMENT, February 2015

“Dyke Day with Peaches and Carole Pope for Pride” for Noisey, June 2014

Review of Undark by Sandy Pool for The Rusty Toque, November 2013

Review of  fur(l) parachute by Shannon Maguire for The Bull Calf Review, September 2013

Review of Hooked by Carolyn Smart for The Bull Calf Review, May 2011

“Holy, low-fi band highlight” for the Queen’s Journal, September 2008



Interview with Steve Heighton, The Malahat, 2016

Interview with Carolyn Smart, The Rusty Toque, 2016

Interview with Dina Del Bucchia & Daniel Zomparelli, The Rusty Toque, 2016

Audio interview with a.rawlings, 2013

“Deconstructing the domestic” for the Queen’s Journal, interview with artist Allyson Mitchell, October 2008

“Found arguments in a poetic light” for the Queen’s Journalinterview with writer Souvankham Thammavongsa, September 2008


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