Renaissance Normcore in the media:

CBC names Renaissance Normcore a book to watch for this fall.

Renaissance Normcore on 49th Shelf‘s Most Anticipated 2019 Fall Poetry Preview

Podcasts & Radio

Secret Feminist Agenda with Hannah McGregor, Episode 1.8: Rising Signs and Anticapitalist Poetry 

Can’t Lit 038 & 054

Reviews of If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You

“[T]hroughout this debut, we are quietly invited to consider language as its own dimension, as space where we can experience yearning, disgust, joy, and fear. […] She emphatically succeeds, and, in doing so, casts a silent spell so we can feel safe—even within our cages.” — “Through the Layers” by Erica Ruth Kelly, The Puritan

“In its exploration of intimacy, If I Were in a Cage is at its most reverent and mystical. ”
Carly Rosalie Vandergriendt, Room Magazine.

“… brims with crackling imagery and whip-smart delivery” — Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

“If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You is also deeply visceral. I felt this book everywhere in my body, and I still feel it now, though it has been months since I’ve read it. It keeps calling me back to find more clues, to get at what’s underneath Barclay’s thick, indelible witchcraft that leaves an imprint on your heart.” — “Maisy’s Best Books of 2017”, Maisonneuve Magazine

“It is a recounting of the utterly mystifying enigma of anything that dares to call itself love. Here is a rich pageant of synesthesia-inducing imagery.” — “Love Not Given Easily Or Easily Understood,” by Paul Falardeau, Pacific Rim Review of Books

Quill & Quire
“Writing Cards / Reading Cards” by Klara du Plesis, Debutantes 
“Poetry in a Dangerous and Imperilled World,” Arc Magazine
Today’s Book of Poetry, Michael Dennis
CV2 (print only)


“Forever Poet” by Kyla Jamieson, Monte Cristo
“Words in the Dark” by Nora Wright, Discorder 
Interview by James Lindsay Open Book
Interview with Adèle Barclay by Shaun Robinson, Sad Mag
Nineteen Questions by Kyla Jamieson
“Poetry won’t save us exactly, but it’ll still do a lot,” by Aja Moore, PRISM international

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