A skilled and empathetic instructor, I lead poetry workshops and offer mentorships for writers looking to fortify their craft and expand their voice. My experience includes facilitating poetry workshops in communities outside of institutions, as part of literary festivals, in art galleries and libraries as well as teaching writing at the university level. I work with writers to hone their intuitions and pursue new directions, providing constructive feedback, tailored reading lists, and generative writing prompts. My unique approach focuses on cultivating curiosity and exploration in order to create exciting work.


If you’re interested in a one-on-one mentorship with me that’s suited to your specific need, please contact me at adelebarclay@gmail.com to inquire about rates.

I offer:
1) manuscript consultations for larger projects, such as chapbooks and full-length collections
2) feedback on individual poems
3) writing prompts and reading lists for those looking to reignite their writing practice.


I teach a range of workshops focused on writing, editing, and publishing poetry–from a single session to multiple sessions over the course of a month. Please feel free to get in touch–adelebarclay@gmail.com–if you’re curious about future workshops or would like to book me for one!

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