Digital Projects for The Modernist Versions Project (MVP) and The Maker Lab, 2012-14

I developed digital approaches to literary criticism, such as visualizing audio and textual versions of poems and mapping novels, with The MVP and The Maker Lab teams. Read some of my blog posts outlining my research questions, methods and workflow here.

Canadian Market Research for Wave Books, 2014

Wave Books, a prominent independent American poetry publisher, hired me to research Canadian literary markets and scenes to further their brand and distribution in the country.

Doctoral Dissertation: “Cinematic Projections in the Poetry of H.D., Marianne Moore, and Adrienne Rich,” 2014 to 2016

I wrote about queer modernist women poets and the pivotal role film played in the development of American poetry in the twentieth century. I travelled to the Northeastern states to conduct archival research for this project thanks to a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


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