Guest Editor for Issue 5: Digital Humanities, Public Humanities of New American Notes Online with Alex Christie, Jana Millar Usiskin, Jentery Sayers, and Kathryn Tanigawa, 2014: ONLINE

Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Queen’s Journal, vols. 135 & 136, 2007-09: PRINT & ONLINE

I generated content for print and web articles, attended Editorial Board meetings, set up interviews, trained staff writers, wrote and edited articles, and designed layout with Adobe InDesign. Circulation: 9,000, twice a week.

Editor-in-Chief of Queen’s Feminist Review, vol. 17, 2008-09: PRINT

I hired the committee, chaired meetings, wrote grant proposals, organized and publicized craft nights, fundraisers, launch parties, and poetry readings, and worked with the editorial board to design and publish a feminist literary and visual arts magazine. Circulation: 1000.

Editorial Board Member of Queen’s Feminist Review, vol. 16, 2007-08: PRINT

I organized and publicized events and aided in editorial board processes to determine suitable submissions for the feminist arts magazine. Circulation: 1000

Festival Guide Editor, Wolfe Island Music Festival Executive, 2009-10: PRINT

I wrote biographies of performers and designed layout of festival guide with Adobe InDesign.


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